Send €10 from UK to Europe

Okay so you’re usually going to send more than €10 abroad. But that’s all I’m prepared to send to my mate Fred in Portugal in order to run this battle (have a Sagres or two on me chap). These days you can send €10 or less without worrying about extortionate exchange rates and bank transfer fees. Sending money oversees has been disrupted.

Rather than comparing rates and fees, this battle focuses on the app experience when making a transfer. Here we have international transactions from TransferWise and Paysend, both paid with Apple Pay.

Jun 8, 2020
Money transfer




Type the amount you want to send or type exactly how much you want to land in your recipient’s account. This UX pattern is familiar to many money transfer products, but it’s done tidily here presenting rates and fees between the main figures.

TransferWise compares prices to major banks and Monzo (a nice plug for their partner). For the small sum of €10, a smart piece of copywriting points out that honestly, there’s a cheaper way to send 👏. A name and IBAN number is all you need to shift GBP to EUR with TransferWise and you’re offered lots of payment options (Manual bank transfer, Apple Pay, Debit Card, SWIFT, and TransferWise account balance).

Simple graphics reassure me the payment has been done and the transfer’s in progress. And not to miss a trick, I’m asked if I want to invite a friend to TransferWise. It’s good and apparently Fred likes them too.


The single-minded customer journey and the paired back, ultra-simple interface makes the designer in me smile. If the app were set in Helvetica, it could be the Deiter Rams of transferring money.

Open the app and you’re shown a single button ’Send Money’. Select country. Bank transfer or card deposit? Add bank details. How much? Pay with card or Apple Pay. Done. Money’s on it’s way.

I love the simplicity of the design, but with being so very minimal PaySend does lack some re-assurance and trust cues in comparison to TransferWise.

Here’s what I think
TransferWise steal the win

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