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Everyone loves email. Talk to anyone involved in the process, the designer, the developer, the ‘person in charge of intercom’, and even the poor customer who’s going receive it, they will say email is the best. Okay, they won’t. But email, as a channel of communication, is of utmost importance to a fintech.

In this battle we look at what could be the most-important-most-crafted-email of them all - the welcome email. It’s the email that signals yes, you've just opened an account but look at what else is in store for you, stick with us, this is going to be a great ride. Tandem and Monese go up against each other in this battle. You have mail...

Mar 23, 2020
Personal banking




The email Tandem sends straight after signing up is heavily, no, exclusively about referring a friend to Tandem. If you’ve delivered a sweet customer sign up experience and your new customer is bought into your product, then asking for a referral at this point can really help drive down acquisition cost - you’re getting 2 customers for the price of 1. Nicely does it.

But what Tandem doesn’t do in their welcome email is welcome you to Tandem. Or talk to you about their round up savings. Or explain how their saving predictions work. Or set out how you can make regular weekly or monthly deposits.

Maybe Tandem don’t like writing emails? Or maybe I was missed off an email list somehow.


Monese’s salutation is Hi William Oliver, which seems a little casual Victorian. Using my formal double name is probably a result of grabbing my details from my driving licence. Technically it’s correct to address me as William Oliver but not splitting out my first name from my middle name makes me twitch. It’s no biggy, and I get over it after a few days.

The rest of the email is perfectly pitched.

A GIF header houses the full range of Monese cards with subtle animated bounces. The copy assures me that my account is ready to use and then quickly tells me about fee-free transfers to friends and family who also use Monese. This is a precursor of things to come. Monese seem to do referrals extremely well and aren’t afraid to bake them in, anywhere. Here in the welcome email, after highlighting my new account details and introducing customer support, they surface the invite mechanic. Invite a friend is something for another battle, but the email works well.

Here’s what I think
Monese wins by knockout

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