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Pocket money has gone digital. I have a 6-year-old with her first wobbly teeth so this type of product is becoming alarmingly more relevant to me. Fintechs working in the space have two distinct user types to deal with: the parent / care-giver and the child. Pocket money fintechs are a kid’s first spending account and teach the value of money to a child. But it’s also the parents (definitely in my case) who need guidance on how this all works too!

In this battle, Osper and gohenry go head-to-head to see who delivers the better experience for a parent setting their kid’s weekly allowance.

Jun 16, 2020
Pocket money




Tap 'Set an Allowance' in Osper and you have options for weekly or monthly allowances. Set the amount, specify the day of the week or date of the month, and hit save changes. It’s set.

But what if I’m new to all this? Unsure what a reasonable allowance is? Before saving, I tap ’How does an Allowance work’ expecting some friendly parental advice on how much or how often I should be depositing cash. What I get is a more functional explanation, so I’m left to my own (probably poor) intuition. There’s opportunity to educate the parent here, through messaging in the UI or even linking out to a solid blog post about all this.

A small clunk, which could be easily fixed, is to not clear the details I inputted when going back to the form.

Setting an allowance with Osper could be smoother and more guided, especially for first timers like me.


Kids earn their pocket money in gohenry by getting a weekly allowance or completing tasks set by the parent. I got 20p for mowing the grass back in the ’80s so we had very manicured, wimbledon-like front lawn. But we’re looking at weekly allowance here.

Before setting an allowance, gohenry show screens reiterating their core message: kids benefit from managing money. The UI microcopy on the allowance screen is spot on. Tap ’How much should I give’ and you get non-preachy advice with a breakdown of the UK average weekly allowance displayed in a simple bar chart by age.

gohenry gives me confidence that I’m giving my kid the right amount pocket money for her age.

Here’s what I think
gohenry take the win

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