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No doubt there’s a huge amount of magic and wizardry involved when it comes to what a fintech chooses to say about their app in the App Store. The App Store page is your fintech’s shop window, a place where hearts and minds can be won, installs can be snatched, and is part of a product owner’s funnel that keeps them awake at night. Many aspects of this dark art are bundled into what’s known as app store optimisation (or ASO, if you want to drop the acronym in your next standup).

But in this battle, we’re just going to focus on good old screenshots. In the ring are business banks Mettle and Coconut to fight it out to see who’s getting their product across the best. Points available for crisp messaging, good screen selection, and tidy design. Watch out for sprinkles of interesting ASO techniques which might tip a potential customer into another uptick on the recurring revenue graph.

Mar 16, 2020
Business banking




First out of their corner is Mettle. Mettle decide to show their debit card on their first screenshot. It’s a good move establishing Mettle as a bank account that comes with a good looking bit of plastic. They state it’s a free business account with no hidden charges, though does this sound too good to be true? 

Their second screenshot shows the initial screen of the Mettle sign up process - a nice touch to let the interface do the talking. Sign up in minutes is reassuring and something to test out in a later battle, no doubt! 

The smarter invoicing and easier bookkeeping screens are not screaming smarter or easier.  The copy, screen selection and pull out functionality look a bit weak compared to Coconut’s screens.

Mettle hand over their 5th screen to what is presumably a photo of a happy customer, though without some sort of image caption to establish her name or business name, I’m not convinced this is genuine. Anyway, whether she’s real, a friend of an employee or the result of a search on Unsplash, I hope she does well building her kids’ balloon business.

Mettle got in touch: The happy customer is actually Hattie who owns Honey B Drama, a drama school for children.


Coconut quickly identifies itself as a bank for the self-employed. I’m self-employed. I’m keen to read on. The second screen follows up with graphics indicating an average 5-star Trustpilot review (the staple kinda-trustworthy trustmark loved by startups). 5-stars is amazing. A quick look on Trustpilot shows that Coconut’s score is actually 4.5, but let’s roll with it, rounding up and all that?

Last year Apple doubled the amount of screenshots allowed to 10 (thanks Apple!). Coconut have decided to take advantage of this, upping their screenshot count to 8. For each screen they deliver a solid product feature alongside a tidy, well-selected shot of their interface. Flipping through the Coconut screens, you really get a sense of the service and how it will help with all the pesky admin and tax stuff as self-employed person.

Coconut’s debit card shot comes much later than Mettle’s, on the 8th screenshot, so the laws of the internet point to less people seeing their Mastercard logo-ed debit card than Mettle’s. Does this matter? Maybe? Probably not.

Tidy job by Coconut.

Here’s what I think
A solid win for Coconut

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