Battle Cards
Limited Edition
Shipping this summer, the 2020 UK Fintech Battle Cards will test you and your favourite work colleague’s knowledge of the UK fintech scene! Who’s got the most funding? The most customers? The most entertaining ‘Did you know’ factoid?

🤜  40 high-quality printed cards (350 gsm stock)
☝️  Featuring the top UK fintechs
✍️  Researched reasonably well

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Which fintechs are in the pack?

The pack will be good cross-section of established, newer and box-fresh UK fintechs in business and personal banking, money management, insurance, investments, etc.

Who goes in? You decide. Simply nominate a fintech when baggsying a free pack or vote who goes in.

How much does a pack cost?

To you? Nothing. Nadda. Zilch.

How much does a pack cost to make and ship?

For a short run, the cost price of a pack is around £4 + shipping. These are top quality cards in a tidy tuck box.

I decided to rope a 6-year-old child to help reduce the stuffing and distribution costs. Your address label might be a bit wonky.

There will be a few sponsor cards in the pack. This is to cover costs. Want to sponsor? Just tap here.

How can I get involved?

If you want a say in who gets into the pack, get voting. If you want to provide up to date stats or get involved in any way, just get in touch.

I want to make an Asia/US/Latam/EU pack of Battle Cards!

Yep, let’s do it. If you’ve got the lowdown on these markets, happy to collaborate. I’ve got all the files and the printing partners sorted, so should be quite fun to do. Just get in touch.

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I'm a creative director working in fintech and Fintech Battles is a personal project. What you’re reading is my opinion which you may or may not agree with. I'm not paid to do this and I’m not endorsed by any company. I hope you find Fintech Battles useful and reasonably fun. I’d love to get feedback so please get in touch. My friend Dave told me I should write this disclaimer.

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