WTF is Fintech Battles?

Fintech companies are great. The old financial sector, not so much. The best product, marketing, and design brains work in fintech and I love being a part of it. So why do I want to pitch fintech companies against each other?

1 – Celebrate small things, done well 

Each battle is a short scenario on a long customer journey. But within each step lots of design and business decisions have been made. Fintech Battles highlights where teams have delivered something brilliant and useful for the customer experience.

2 – Showcase the work we do

Whether you work in a fintech company or want to work in a fintech company, I hope these battles give you a sense of the day-to-day design challenges faced by internal design and product teams. We all want to improve. Seeing others’ work can be an inspiration to improve our own design decisions.

3 – Know your enemy

Lots of fintech companies are building products and services in business banking, personal banking, insurance, investment, and the rest. We’re all championing the customer experience and questioning the old way of doing things. A fintech battle isn’t a fist-fight, but I do write them as friendly rivalries. The actual fight here is a collective one against the old school way of doing business.

In these battles, you’ll be getting my opinion (or other judges’ opinions), respectful critiques, and enthusiastic thumbs up. You’re most welcome to agree or disagree via Twitter, just tap the tweet buttons at the end of each battle. Feedback is great so please get in touch.

If you’d like to judge a battle, let me know.

Get every Figma file

Every teardown on this site is a step through Figma file (it’s how they’re displayed on the battle page). If you want access to them, tap here.

About me

I’m Will Cookson. I work at ANNA Money as a creative director. I also run brand sprints and design workshops for fintechs and startups. Connect with me on Linkedin or check out my other projects on

Fintech battles is separate to my day-to-day work. I’m not paid to do this, nor am I endorsing any companies. This is something I do in my self-imposed 20% time based out of TMRW, a brilliant co-working space in Croydon.


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I'm a creative director working in fintech and Fintech Battles is a personal project. What you’re reading is my opinion which you may or may not agree with. I'm not paid to do this and I’m not endorsed by any company. I hope you find Fintech Battles useful and reasonably fun. I’d love to get feedback so please get in touch. My friend Dave told me I should write this disclaimer.

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